Monday, July 23, 2012

Welcome to Cycling the World for Birds

Hi Everyone 

Welcome to my travel blog site, Cycling the World for Birds (or CWB for short). This blog will provide updates on my travels by bicycle across Europe and Asia over the next 18 months or so, while birding all the way. The basic plan is to cycle from the north of Norway to Eastern Europe, then through Central Asia to Mongolia, and then down to India via China, ending in Cambodia in Southeast Asia. 

From a birding point of view, there is no particular reason for deciding on this route, nor have i set any birding targets. This is first and foremost a personal journey, so the route may even change with time; I have left the details of the route to destiny! 

I will provided updates as regularly as possible on where i have been, the birds i have seen and any interesting cycling or birding experiences. I hope that this blog will assist in generating a wider interest in birding by bike and create awareness for bird conservation initiatives in South African and internationally. 

I am grateful to family, friends and former colleagues for their support and encouragement.

An update on my initial cycling and birding experience in the Varanger Peninsula of north eastern Norway will following soon. So watch this blog! Any feed-back or comments are welcomed.



  1. Don't forget to post many photos!! Good luck on your journey. We are with you in spirit!!

  2. Nice hearing from you Eric. Enjoy the adventure. We (Gariep Bird Club) are with you in spirit all the way.

  3. Enjoy every second of your journey. Miss you a lot, but I am very glad that you finally decided to reach for your dreams.

  4. Sounds wonderful Eric, so glad you are enjoying yourself. Here's to many awesome experiences, places, birds and photos. Will keep reading your blog and enjoying your photos!

  5. Good to hear you are on your way. Sounds amazing already!
    Be good to see a picture of the bike and gear . . . . . . to see what you chose (as a bike gear fanatic)
    Don't forget to call if you come near . . . and good luck.

  6. We are following your exciting journey. Excellent decision. Wonderful photos. We will contact friends in Europe that might have bird links.
    Sue and Richard

  7. An amazing journey! Wish I could ...weeell, on second thought... ;-)
    Anyway, your'e in my bloggroll now! Take care, and post lots of photos!

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  9. Hi Eric,

    Twelve years since we last saw each other. Paul told me about your trip, go for it, you're only young once ... and life is short! Enjoy it, let's get together when you return.


  10. Good luck and I look forward to reading about the trip

  11. Hi Eric! Good to read about your adventures! Love the photos. Enjoy and have fun!

  12. Found you brorher! Well almost. Going to have to catch up with you somewhere in the world... safe travels. Derek Butler.