Thursday, December 31, 2015

It’s not goodbye, not just yet…

Dear CWB readers

I trust everyone is enjoying the festive season. I know I have, hence this late posting! I must apologise for the silence, but hope to pick things up once the new year kicks in. As indicated by my last posting, a distant memory by now (!), I have pretty much reached the end of my worldly travels. I am back in South Africa experiencing the scorching mid-summer sun of the West Coast. But that does not stop me from spending precious time outdoors. While there are no plans to head out to any far-flung birding locations anytime soon, I do hope to get back on the saddle to explore the Western Cape’s bird life. 

I thought of writing a post to conclude the past three years of traveling, but I decided to rather just continue with posts as if nothing has changed. Besides, my species list for the duration of my travels was so dismal I’d rather not mention it here! There are no achievements to report on, and it was never my intention to reach any either. It was just about getting on the bike, see the world and do some birding along the way. What I would say is that the greatest gift I experienced was meeting with so many amazing people from different cultures. I am grateful for the warm welcomes I received from everyone I was blessed to cross paths with. A very big thanks to everyone! 

Before I get carried off and do exactly what I said I was not going to do on this blog, I would just like to thank all you readers for the support and interest shown in this blog. I hope to keep you reading for a while longer! The show ain’t over until…the eagle has landed!

I wish you all a prosperous 2016!

Best regards

I still need to give an explanation...sometime in the future I hope.

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